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INSUTECH - Insulation solutions

Manufacturers and Distributors of Vermiculite,
Insulating Materials
and selected Refractory Materials


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4 Turk Street
Olifantsfontein, 1666
South Africa

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Manufacturers and distributors of Vermiculite, Insulating Materials and Selected Refractory Materials

1. We think in terms of continuity and are in business for the longer term. We think of the future sustainability and future interest of our company and employees in every decision we make.

2. The business represents the wealth of our employees and members and management are extremely prudent to protect this livelihood.

3. Take calculated risks as we have much to lose and much to gain by being conservative in our approach.

4. We strive to be adaptable. It isn’t the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who know how to adapt (Charles Darwin).

5. We bet on our employees and customers. We aim to be very close to our employees as they are part of our business family. Our customers are our raison d'être.

6. We value our role as a social institution which is part of the community and with a social responsibility. We won’t close our doors on a whim.

7. We have a stewardship responsibility towards our employees, our customers, the people of Johannesburg, Gauteng and South Africa in particular

8. Since the long term survival of the company is at stake, as well as the employees and the community, Insutech will always make decisions to grow gradually. Change will be well considered, but with the necessary agility and flexibility required by our times.

Manufacturers and distributors of Vermiculite, Insulating Materials and Selected Refractory Materials


About Our Company

The company has been family owned since its creation and a combination of product innovation and customer satisfaction have been major drivers from day one. Since its beginnings as a manufacturer of insulating products Insutech has always been able to adapt to the changing economic environment in South Africa. Over the years the SME has regularly developed new products and adapted to changing customer needs. In short, the approach has to some extend been relatively conservative, which tend to help when dealing with industrial entities.

But the longevity of the business is based on a multitude of interesting details.

Yes, the products it offers have been a major factor in the company’s growth. However adaptation to metallurgical process changes and customer processes has also been a key to our success. During the downturn of the early 2000’s the product range was expanded by developing an insulating brick for use below the riding ring (tyre line) of rotary kilns in close cooperation with a major steelmaking customer.

The employee retention rate is extremely high at Insutech. There are several workers with over 10 or more years of seniority. Insulation materials are an extremely technical sector. Having competent and loyal employees is one of our strengths and assists greatly in building a good team.

Our customers have shown great loyalty to Insutech over many years. We are blessed to have these loyal customers, but that means their expectations are high and they have to be appreciated and listened to.

The fact that all the manufactured products in the product ranges are manufactured exclusively with South African raw materials are a source of great pride and a continuous aim.

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